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Thank you for visiting Xitrous!

I hope to resume teaching classes in my home this year, but only once I feel it is safe to do so. Until then, I will continue selling baked goods weekly (check the Shop tab!) and posting about my food journey over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Read more about the baking I've been doing in my recent feature in the Loudoun Times Mirror!

Wishing everyone good health and eXtra delicious learning.

- Kathy


Looking to improve your culinary skills?

eXperience eXtra delicious learning with Xitrous® in Leesburg, VA.

Using my extensive knowledge, I will help you explore the joy and science of cooking.  I welcome foodies of all ages from children to seniors. You can expect a relaxing environment where it’s okay to make mistakes!

About the Chef

My name is Kathleen Stanton. I have been cooking and baking since I was 7. I am excited about cooking.  My energy and curiosity drive me to explore new recipes and create my own.

After 30+ years of teaching in elementary schools, my passion is translating into the world of food.  I started by having baking sessions at my home for many friends and acquaintances. My students learned to find the joy and ease of tossing pizza dough, creating the perfect piecrust, tasting the delights of sweet and savory tarts, and slicing through their first homemade loaf of bread.

Xitrous® reflects my passion for food.  There is always a fragrance of something cooking in my kitchen.  If you have a curiosity for cooking, if there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, I invite you to come eXperience eXtra delicious learning™ and let’s cook something together.

The first time I started thinking about teaching cooking was more than seven years ago when I was still teaching in an elementary school. At that time, I began imagining sharing my passion for the culinary arts. I also thought about all the fun I have in the kitchen when I’m cooking with my family and friends.

My goal was to become a chef when I retired from public school which happened in 2014. I enrolled in the pastry chef program of an art institute, and I attended my classes with excitement and tremendous energy. Even though I was older than all the students and instructors, my enthusiasm helped me succeed. 

I've had the exciting adventure of competing on Food Network's, "Christmas Cookie Challenge 2" in 2016.  Being a finalist was exhilarating.  I want to share that sense of wonder with all my students.  I am ServSafe certified and trained as a chef.  Now, I am able to share with you everything that I’ve learned.  Everyone who cooks in the Xitrous® kitchen gets to, "eXperience eXtra delicious learning!®"


About the Chef