Country Sourdough Biscuits

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These sourdough country-style biscuits are light and buttery, and enhance a variety of meals. Their excellent tang and soft, tender crumb are perfect as the base for biscuits and gravy, as a side for soups or stews, as a breakfast sandwich with a fried egg, or accompaniment for a light meal with cheese and jam. Or, go for the simple option as I often do – just a pat of butter and a quick toast. They are sold as 9 biscuits in an 8″ square aluminum pan, and are created without any yeast for leavening.

They will soon be available for sale and local pickups at the Leesburg Wednesday Farmer’s Market.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: If in the meantime you would like to purchase these for a local delivery or to discuss shipping options, please send an email to and we can discuss! New batches ship out every Wednesday and come with insurance and tracking.


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