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First Blog Post

So, the journey begins.

I am a woman, mother, sister, chef, teacher, entrepreneur.  I am not a writer.  So please forgive the writing.

I am so excited about beginning my school.  I have been teaching for over 30 years.  Now, I get to inspire people to enjoy the experiences in the kitchen. 

I began thinking about my school 7 years ago.  I was still teaching in an elementary school at the time.  I just began to imagine sharing my passion for the kitchen.  I thought about all the fun I have in the kitchen when I’m cooking with family and friends.  My goal was to become a chef when I retired from public school.

I’ve been an educator, but never a business owner.  I was scared. I put all those dreams aside because I didn’t know where to begin. 

Retirement came in 2014. Culinary School, here I come.  I enrolled in the Art Institute in the Pastry Chef program.  Excited and energetic, I attended classes.  I was older than all the students AND the instructors.  My enthusiasm and energy proved my success.

“Life happens when you’re making other plans!” is a quote I read somewhere.  It certainly has influenced my life.  Breast cancer had other plans for me during my second semester of school.  Leaving school was one of the most heart-wrenching decisions.  The process of treatments and healing took 2 years.  Happily, I am now cancer free.  Fear then entered my life.   

So, fear filled my existence.  Fear of cancer, fear of death, fear of beginning again.  That fear overshadowed my excitement for starting my business.  The overwhelming responsibilities, taxes, inventory, class descriptions, pricing, will it succeed?, filled me with fear. 

What to do then?  Get something to manifest that fear!! I chose an empty mason jar. I imagined this jar full though, filled to the brim with FEAR!!  And a full jar cannot be filled, so I needed to push out the fear.  Fill the jar with the actions I can do (The most fearful actions) and replace every ounce of fear with a pound of action.  

My jar and rocks are the constant reminder of my accomplishments.  I now have the jar you see.  It’s not full, but it is filling up.  I am pushing out the fear!! 

I have eXperienced so many wonderful things on this journey.  I made new friends, met my hero, José Andres, became a finalist on Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge 2, taught myself to bake all types of new cakes breads, cookies, desserts, and pastries.  None of these exciting adventures could have happened if I hadn’t decided to fill my jar.

My message to me (and to you, the reader of this blog) is I can eXperience eXtra delicious learning ™ if I allow myself to face my fears and enjoy the journey.

Here you will see recipe techniques, hints, and secrets to better cooking.   You will have a place to ask questions, get insight, and learn from my mistakes.  Welcome, friends.  Join me on this journey.  Come to my kitchen to have fun, make delicious food, enjoy the company of happy foodies, and eXperience eXtra delicious learning ™ !

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